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I want to ride my bicycle…in Denmark.

September 29, 2010

by Kaede

During my quite long absence from the blog I have been to Denmark among some other things. I actually was in Denmark by bike. For two weeks. It definitely was an informative experience. First thing I learned is that Denmark is not that even as you might imagine! Second, it‘s not a cliché, all Danes are blond! Third, I seem to be resistant for ticks!

We were nine people, each of us with his or her own everyday-bike. I had a thirty year old city-bike, which was great right until I had to fight the hills at the coast! Well, I lost. But some of us were really brave, they conquered the hills even with a trailer attached to their bikes. Respect. Each of us had tight thighs after that trip!

We slept outside each night, so we had to look out for a place where we could arrange our tents. Which sometimes was quite difficult. Unlike Sweden, Finland and Norway, which are known for the “Allemannsretten“- the freedom to roam-, Denmark has set up this right only for special regions. Nevertheless, we spent some great nights watching the sunset and the starry sky.

My impression of Denmark is that it‘s very neat, but of course we did not see all of it! We passed some bigger towns and some little villages. I was very pleased with the well signposted bicycle routes and really really thankful for the clean public toilets! Each toilet we passed- and we passed a lot ones- was perfectly clean, there was always some tissue and soap and it was always for free! That‘s not understood, especially not when you are living in a city like Berlin.

Riding bike with baggage all day long, one day after another is quite exhausting, especially when it‘s raining. But I think we actually did quite well though we were not trained and especially because we were not that well equipped.

We mainly rode along the coast, which was a great choice because the countryside is really beautiful there and there are a lot harbours for private boats, which is a great opportunity to take a shower and wash your stuff.

I really enjoyed that trip and I definitely will do it again! I have never been on a tour like that before, so I was a bit nervous, but it was much easier than I would have thought. After all I think South- Denmark is a good choice for newcomers in “outdoor- adventures“, because it‘s populated close enough to pass a town with supermarkets and stuff each day.

But for the next trip I will go further…Norway probably!? AND I want to be perfectly equipped! You absolutely need waterproofed bags and clothes! No compromises! And tupperware or something similar for your food. And so many other little things like a pocket lamp or even better a lamp on your forehead and a nice pocket knife and many more. There are two outdoor suppliers in Berlin I can recommend: