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Uncovering Beauty III

April 14, 2010

by Charlie

Maybe you’ve heard of the advice, some wise grannies give their granddaughters: sleep enough, drink a lot and do remove your make up before going to bed. And I have to say there is some truth to these simple hints.

So get your eight hours of sleep, hydrate your body, preferably with water and tea and use make up remover at the end of a day.

These are the basics.

To enhance your beauty and pamper your skin here are some of my tricks:

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner: use it after your cleansing routine or during the day when you feel like your skin could use something to refresh.

Speaking of Dr. Hauschka: their Cleansing Clay Mask makes your skin feel soft like silk. I love the scent. It smells like summer rain just before starting to rain.

The skin around your eyes it the most delicate one. So treat it well, for instance  with i+m Hydro-Performance Augenbalsam Hyaluron Vitamin E. You can really feel the lifting effect.

Like Maya I’ve never been a fan of liquid foundation. Dr. Hauschka’s Translucent Face Powder is the right tool to finish your make up.

Smokey eyes are sexy. It needs a little bit of time and training to get them perfect but the effort is definitely worth it. An Eyeshadow Base may help the colors stay on longer.

To go along with Maya and Kaede, find your personal fragrance and wear it with pleasure (it’s the icing on the cake) and keep smiling cos a smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.  ~Charles Gordy