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Germany – the best country in the world

November 20, 2010

by Gibson Hummingbird

I would have never imagined saying something like that but in the past couple of years I tried to find reasons why almost every country was better than Germany however and thanks God, I changed my mind…. I have been travelling to a lot of places lately and believe Germany is by far the best place on earth 😉 Here are just a few reason why I don’t want to live somewhere else…

1 – First of all I love our food…no I don’t mean the German cuisine but our supermarkets and fresh markets….you can get healthy food at a favorable price. Fruits and veggies actually do taste like they are supposed to taste. Every time I am in the US I am looking forward to go back home and get some good food….and speaking of food –  German bread is by far the best bread you can get. I love our bakeries

2 – In Germany you have tons of Street cafes where you can sit outside or inside which are way better than any Starbucks or any other coffeehouse chain.

3 – I really like the fact that stores are closed on Sundays. You do get the feeling of a weekend and you can spend your day with family or friends or just hang out at home without feeling that you could go and do some shopping.

4 – You don’t need a car in order to survive like in the US. Our cities have excellent public transportation and plus you can use your bike as well or just walk 😉

5 – Vacation. Workers get 6 weeks’ or 30 working days’ holiday a year.

6 – Environmental responsibility … I’m not an eco freak but I really like the fact that we do have waste separation

7 –  Safety….living in Germany is pretty safe. I have been to Africa a few times now and yes the country is beautiful and most of the people are really, really nice but I could never imagine living there. Being stuck behind an electric fence and not being able to walk around town on my own would drive me nuts.

8 – Healthcare…Everybody in Germany has a health insurance

9 – Soccer…that’s our sport, especially since the world cup 2006, we have the best team ever 😉

I could go on and on and on with the list  😉 …. Oh there is one point I do have to mention….people in Germany are probably not the smartest in the world but compared to Americans they do have some brain. Each time I’m in the US I go bananas. Yes they do have Harvard, Yale or Georgetown but most of the people there are really “dumb” or at least poorly educated.

I still love travelling and exploring different cultures and as much as I love-hate the Americans they are my favorite country to travel to….I just wanted to say why I love my country ;)….we Germans do not like to appear too patriotic but yes we do love our country 😉