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Remember Africa!

November 2, 2010

by Maya

“46664 was my prison number. For over eighteen years I was imprisoned on Robben Island, known as a number. Millions of people today infected with HIV are just that, a number. They too, are serving a prison sentence, for life. This is why I am allowing my prison number 466/64 to brand this campaign. It is my wish for 46664 to be used in this way.” – Nelson Mandela

Some weeks ago we published a post about jewelry and I remember that we all shared the opinion that jewelry is supposed to have a personal meaning. Recently I came across a very special piece of jewelry through a friend. It does not only have a meaning but also gives you the opportunity to do something meaningful: the Nelson Mandela 46664 bangle.

The 46664 Bangle initiative was launched in 2008 in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. It is part of the 46664 campaign that aims to raise awareness of HIV and Aids and supports programs that are meant to help African people affected by the virus. The design contains Mandela’s Robben Island prison number and an imprint of his hand. The bangle is available in copper, silver, gold and platinum which are South African natural resources. The bangle is handcrafted in South Africa by craftsmen whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS. It can be bought through the official campaign website or through Wempe in Germany


the whim of a moment

June 18, 2010

by Gibson Hummingbird

Ok you guys I know that there is a lot of blogging concerning true blood, planting flowers and jewellery …and somehow I am not into one of them, at least not at the moment 😉 in the next couple of weeks I am more or less focused on South Africa, cause it’s world cup time and yes I am trying to watch all soccer games…and today was a day I wished I hadn’t been able to watch the match between Germany and Serbia. Btw I’m totally team Germany cause we are unlike a lot of other teams a real “Mannschaft” and we know how to play soccer…and today well it just wasn’t Germany’s day. A lot will be put down to card-happy referee Mallenco, who turned the game on its head when he sent off Klose. I know that I can’t put all the blame on the referee but come on the refs down in South Africa are really weird this time….have a look at the US-Slovenia match. The referee disallowed a goal which clearly had been a goal..what is going on down there???

Well anyway in order to get over this day I’ll just keep in mind that Germany finished third in the last world cup in ’06, two years later second in European Championship and now two years later we have to win the cup.

“It’s better to lose now than in the knockout stages,” said  Arne Friedrich.