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The Big Blue

June 30, 2010

by Maya

Happy Wednesday everyone. It’s high noon of the work week and this is definitely a good thing. Luckily my spirits have been considerably lifted by the fact that my boyfriend and I have finally booked our summer holiday. It’s nothing special, just a package holiday to Gran Canaria. But … I am absolutely dying to go since I haven’t had a summer vacation for 3 years. I am in desperate need of a break and there is nothing like watching the Atlantic Ocean unleash its power and feeling the sand between your toes to take your mind off things and help regain one’s focus. I have loved the sea since I was a child. Just the sight of it makes me giddy with excitement.

This will be our third trip to the Canary Islands. We have already been to Tenerife and Fuerteventura. The Canaries are not as crowded and touristy as other typical European holiday destinations. Fuerteventura is actually the most deserted.

One would say that there isn’t anything to see, just sand and water. They are right. If you want a party or culture you will be disappointed. But if you wish to see the most beautiful beaches in Europe this will be the right place to go.  (I definitely recommend renting a car.) I love Canarian cuisine … papas arrugadas (wrinkly potatos) with mojo sauce are just yummy. And it will be a great opportunity to reactivate my rusty Spanish.


Top Ten Special: Places to Go

March 8, 2010

by Maya

It’s Monday again. With the intention to fight the manic Monday blues we will try to delight you with another Top Ten Special: Places to go. I love travelling but I have never been on a different continent. So I will take you on a ride across Europe.

The City of Carcassonne: a fortified town in Southern France. I first visited it entirely by chance in 1998 and it was one of the most surprising and stunning views of my life. I still remember driving along the road, being totally clueless and then suddenly this impressive view appears in front of you. You instantly feel like a time traveller who is beamed into the 10th century. If you ever get the chance to go to Southern France please visit this place. It is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Edinburgh: Scotland’s lovely capital is full of contradictions. I love the Old Town with its medieval atmosphere and the Edinburgh Castle but I definitely also appreciate the New Town. You should visit the Botanical Gardens.

Paris in summer: If I had to pick two favourite European capitals they will always be Paris and London. I have been to London hundreds of times and love it to pieces. At the same time it always stresses me out. On the other hand Paris is extremely relaxing, especially in summer. I have some very beautiful memories of romantic times with my boyfriend in Paris.

Portugal, Algarve Coast: the most beautiful beaches in Europe: wild and deserted. You can literally feel the force of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fuerteventura: I’m in love with endless, wild beaches and Fuerteventura is the place to go if you feel the same. There is a hidden beach near Jandía and every afternoon the flood arrives and the beach is devoured by the ocean and transformed into a lagoon. It is an unbelievable feeling to stand there and watch this impressive scene. Once again you feel humbled by the miracle that is nature.

Dresden: I went to Dresden in 2008 with the intention to meet my Sheffield girls. I love this city because it is so laid back and casual. Like Edinburgh it also consists of two parts: the Old Town and the New Town separated by the river Elbe. The remnants of communist architecture give it a special charm.

The Austrian Alps in winter for skiing: Every time I stand on the top of a mountain I’m simply in awe. You feel the power of the mountains and you get a natural high from trying to defy them when skiing down a steep slope.

Saint Petersburg: despite the fact that I was born in Russia and have been to Moscow several times I have never visited St. Petersburg, the Venice of the North. I have been fascinated by this city since I was a child, so it is on my “to go” list.

Capri: I once saw a documentary about Capri and fell in love with it. It is another place on my “to go” list.

The Northern Caucasus: I know it is not a place where someone would consider spending their holidays because it is a so-called crisis region. But it is the place where I was born and spent the first 10 years of my life. I still have these images in my head: the clear blue sky with the snowy peaks on the horizon; the scary cliffs and untamed mountain rivers; the stillness of the lakes and the salty air of the Caspian Sea in summer; the deep forests filled with the scent of lilies of the valley. This region has everything: unbound nature and fascinating culture, torn between Christianity and Islam. I just wished that the people living there would recognize how fortunate they are, forget about their mindless religious fanaticism and use their natural resources to improve their life and introduce the beauty of their native country to the world. Having experienced so much beauty at such an early age I also feel sorry for today’s children in Germany. They are sitting in front of their PlayStation, toying with their mobile phones, going on package holidays to Majorca without even knowing what there is to discover.