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A Girl’s Best Friends

June 28, 2010

by Maya

Part II

Now that the German World Cup team has safely reached the quarter finals I can continue babbling about jewelry. (And yes, I feel sorry for the English team. But as you all know, the referee is always right! 😉 )

Gibson Hummingbird: So jewelry… mhhh difficult topic as I am not a huge fan of accessories at all. Usually when I see someone wearing something really beautiful I am always saying “oh wow, I would love to have that” but then when I get the chance to buy anything I don’t do it.  I know it’s really weird. I probably have like 3 pairs of earrings, one necklace which I love and a watch, that’s all. I don’t like expensive stuff because I don’t see the point in spending so much money on something that you wear around your neck or on your finger. It would drive me crazy if I would wear anything expensive as I would be afraid of losing it all the time. But I do like Kaede’s point on antique jewelry: that some pieces have their stories…

The few things that I own have their stories for sure. For example:  the necklace itself is a piece I bought in Spain on my first vacation with one of my friends. One of the pendants is a gift from my sister and the other one I bought in NY for about US$ 0.50. Everyone might say “oh, there is nothing special about it” but to me it has a meaning.  Anyway you can see that I am not obsessed with jewelry at all 😉

And now it’s time for Fußball again.

Maya: It seems that GH and I have totally contrasting opinions when it comes to jewelry. 😉 Of course she is right. There are more sensible ways to spend one’s money. But to be honest … I love a little luxury in my life. I love precious metals and stones. But I am not talking about spending an insane amount on flashy diamonds but rather acquiring a sophisticated collection of timeless, individual pieces.

I am not very creative when it comes to accessorizing. There are girls out there who are able to create the coolest outfits using a scarf and a piece of costume jewelry. Unfortunately I am not one of them. I do not even bother to try. Instead of buying costume jewelry I always go for the real deal. I would rather own a few really valuable pieces than tons of plastic stuff.

For me big is not necessarily beautiful and less is always more. I prefer delicate, unique pieces that are not worn by every girl in the supermarket.

Among the jewelry I own is a rose gold ring with an amethyst in a classic 6-prong setting that belonged to my mom. She bought it for herself before I was born and I like the fact that this ring is older than me. Another uniquely beautiful piece is my yellow gold half eternity ring with diamonds that was given to me by my boyfriend.  Then there is an intricately engraved cuff bracelet that was hand-made by a metal smith from North Caucasus. All these pieces have a vintage look in common that distinguishes them from run-of-the-mill jewelry lines.

For me jewelry is the perfect gift because it is forever.  If chosen with care
it can become something very intimate and meaningful. And I love the idea that someday I might be able to pass my collection on to my children.

When it comes to mainstream brands I really appreciate what Tiffany & Co. has accomplished with its Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso collections. They offer affordable (though still overpriced) pieces that still have something special about them.  I like this Loving Heart Medallion because it is an interesting take on the classic heart pendant.

And I absolutely adore Elsa Peretti’s Diamonds by the Yard® line. It was introduced in 1974 and is  an eternal classic now. I would love to have one of these necklaces. They are so delicate, simple and versatile.

(OMG, I just discovered that Tiffany ships to Germany from the UK for just 15 €.)


A Girl’s Best Friends

June 21, 2010

Part I

by Maya

Hello you. Yes, I know, it’s world cup time and there can’t be anything more important right now but please do not expect me to succumb to soccer madness. Of course I want our team to win but I will definitely not run around like a zombie if they don’t. To be honest, I have never understood this extreme passion for Fußball that is to typical for most Germans. In my opinion there are far more interesting sports. For example: alpine skiing … how much control do you need to have over your body to fly down a slope at 120 km/h. ( … and Bode Miller is a god!) or … ice hockey,  watching all this raw maleness is highly tantalizing.

Oh, I am getting distracted … So anyway, I am just going to continue posting about girly stuff.

All my writing about jewelry has inspired me to open our private jewelry boxes. So I asked my girls to dish about their personal taste in jewelry and to share some of their treasures with us. Here are their thoughts:


Jewelry is next to shoes, bags and scarves the most important and versatile accessory a woman should have in her closet.  I own tons (ok, maybe not tons) but a lot of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.  Naming them all would go beyond the scope of this post (and probably bore you to death), that’s why I picked some pieces which I dearly love.  After I had made this choice I realized that they all have one thing in common:  they were either given to me by strong and independent women and/or they link me to such.

There are the two rings I got from my aunt or the necklace which reminds me of three very special girls. I have the watch that I got from my sister and the vintage inspired earrings with rubies my mom gave me years ago.

And last but not least there is this special bracelet which I share with my best friend and that will always remind me of a life changing experience… .


I love jewelry. Which girl doesn‘t? But I don‘t wear any because it seems that I prefer really expensive stuff. Jewelry is something special to me. Probably that is why I love exclusive things. I have a soft spot for antique jewelry. Every time I pass an antique store I dream of owning one of those wonderful pieces. I love the fact that they have a story and of course I find them beautiful. Actually I think jewelry is even more beautiful when there is a story behind it. I guess I have a more romantic attitude to jewelry.