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Love J.Crew!

May 19, 2010

by Maya

OMG! The most amazing news was sitting in my mail box today: J.Crew is coming to Europe!! Net-A-Porter is now offering a small selection of their gorgeous designs and they ship to Germany. I’m in love with this U.S. label and had to go to great lengths to lay my hands on some of their adorable cashmere sweaters. It’s a pity you cannot choose from a wider range of styles but it’s a good start. I hope there is more to come!


Best Winter Buys!

March 14, 2010

by Maya & Charlie

Let’s have some delicious girl talk about fashion. We already introduced the ultimate spring fashion trends and now Charlie and I would like to look back at our personal fashion highlights of the past season.

M: So let’s spill the beans: what were you shopping weaknesses this winter?

C: Above all, they were insanely expensive.

M: Oh yes, I definitely know what you mean. I have never before spent so much money on clothes like this past season. But in my defence I can say that most of them were very clever investment pieces.

C: This winter I came across so many great things simply by chance. You know, our wisdom “Never go shopping on purpose and you’ll get the best results” does not only apply to shoes. Ok, tell me, did you have a major shopping theme?

M: Yes, I was obsessing about dresses and the colour grey. I bought so many dresses; I even stopped wearing pants to work. What about you?

C: Speaking of grey, I really had to learn to like this colour.

M: Why? Grey is the new black. I love it.

C: I know but I always thought it does not complement my complexion. The realization hit me when I was experimenting with grey eye shadow. From that moment on I loved this colour.

M: Oh, I totally adore grey, especially my grey knee high Lamica boots and my Furla “Wally” handbag. I love these boots. The leather is a dream of suppleness and they make my legs look endless. You instantly feel gorgeous and sexy with a touch of dominatrix.

M: Furla "Wally" in grey.

C:  Those seem to be magical boots? 😉

M: Yes, a girl has to make the best of what’s around.

C: Despite my newly discovered preference for grey I got some new eyeglasses in brown. And this is a contradiction in itself because according to common belief glasses are not supposed to be, but mine are sexy as hell. I got tons of compliments on them, even from men that are usually quite taciturn. Could it be the effect of the Prada label?

M: I got new eyeglasses as well, Ray Bans. And now guess their colour. Right, they are grey. Normally, I prefer small, discreet frames but this time I went for a bolder, more noticeable style and I’m so glad I did. They look cool.

                            C: Prada glasses 

Another purchase that made my day was my black Belmondo pumps in booties style. They look great with short skirts and dresses.

M: Belmondo pumps. Mine are black and they look so much better 
with dresses and skirts.

C: Oh, I’m pretty sure they can stand up to my new grey Unisa patent peep toes.

C: Unisa patent peep toes in grey.

They are perfect with my black H&M “Charleston” dress.

C: H&M Charleston dress

M: My black ruffle edged cashmere cardigan that I got on sale at is also quite mentionable. The ruffles make it look incredibly feminine, at the same time it is very structured, almost like a jacket. I will wear it for years.

M: Cashmere cardigan at

C: I know what you mean. My black cashmere turtleneck sweater serves the same purpose. I love, love, love this piece! It is soft. It keeps me warm without wearing several layers and it has already travelled with me to London and Amsterdam ;-).

C: black cashmere turtleneck at

So, looking at our list, don’t you think we have been quite successful in supporting our suffering economy? The only thing that I really regret is not getting the grey Coccinelle bag that I saw at . I’ve been looking for something similar ever since but haven’t found anything yet.

M: Do you have some must haves for the current season?

C: I would finaly like to wear my black trench coat because I haven’t worn it for sooooooooo long.

M: I’m still searching for my perfect leather jacket. Something fitted, not motorcycle style, clean with not too many pockets, zipped, in black or grey, quality leather, not too expensive. Sounds impossible to find. Maybe it’s better this way. My bank account will thank me.