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“Bomb In A Birdcage”- vis-à-vis with A Fine Frenzy

May 25, 2010

by Charlie

A tiny, pale, red haired but oh so powerful woman, four handsome guys and sparkling drums, set with a couple more instruments in a small club make the perfect music night.

A Fine Frenzy was on tour with her sophomore album “Bomb In A Birdcage” and Kaede and I were amongst the lucky ones to get tickets for this event.

Alison Sudol, who uses “A Fine Frenzy” as a pseudonym, and her band came on stage and swept along the crowd in no time.  Only the tea the singer drank during the show reminded the fans of the cold she was suffering during last week.  But that did not affect her crystal clear voice at all. Au contraire she showed the crowd how versatile her fine voice is and how powerful this petite woman can be.  The set list contained, of course, many of the new songs which are mostly fast, loud and colorful but also the beautiful, melancholic ballades from her debut “One Cell In The Sea”

And before calling it a night Alison played “Near To You” solo on the keyboard. A song one of the fans asked her to play.