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Uncovering Beauty

April 12, 2010

by Maya

Georgia O’Keeffe “The Black Iris” (1926)

Hello world and happy Monday. You are certainly wondering what special treat we have for you this week. Beware this is going to be very girly since we are planning to disclose our ultimate beauty secrets. Our dos and don’ts when it comes to beauty routines, make up and cosmetics.

I started dabbling with make up when I was in my late teens and I definitely had my share of fashion and beauty faux pas. Currently I’m at a point where I have an established make up and beauty routine.  I use make up daily, especially when I’m working. I feel better with it, more confident. But I try to go for the natural look. My personal motto has always been enhancing instead of masking. In my opinion it is so much more sophisticated to make the best of your natural looks than trying to be somebody else.

Here are some of my tips:
Know your colours: I’m a summer type and I would never wear orange, peach or salmon because these colours make me look like death itself.

Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Espresso as eye liner: My holy grail of eye liners. Two years ago I wanted to treat myself and bought Bobbi Brown’s limited edition eye shadow palette “Shimmering Nudes”. Bobbi Brown recommends using a dark chocolate brown eye shadow instead of liner and the colour “Espresso” is included in nearly every single eye make up palette. First I was quite sceptical but was quickly convinced by the super easy application and the very natural, soft look it created. It perfectly does the job a good eye liner is supposed to do: defining your eyes.

Do not apply Mascara to your lower lashes, especially if you have very fair skin and do not normally line your lower lash line: it turns you into a sad clown, looks unnatural and breaks the line of your face.

Shimmering eye shadow in dusty purple / lavender and soft rose is the most versatile eye shadow out there, especially for brunettes: it works with my bluish/greenish/greyish eyes, but it also looks great with dark brown eyes like Charlie’s.

Say NO to “do it yourself” eyebrows: please do me a favour and do not pluck your eyebrows at home if you are not an eyebrow pro. Eyebrows are such an essential part of your face and believe me nothing ruins it more than over plucked eyebrows. Sometimes I just want to scream at all those teenage girls who are running around with hideous eyebrows: “Why do you hate yourself!?” For your first time you should always visit a professional beautician. It is really cheap and she will create the best shape for your face. Afterwards you can follow the professionally created line and just pluck stray hairs beneath it.

Use powder shadow to line your brows: Eyebrow pencils are very tricky to use. You definitely need some practice if you want to prevent the painted look. Eyebrow powder defines natural eyebrows. I use one in a shade that is slightly lighter than my natural brow colour.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara: I’ve tried so many mascaras and finally found this one. It is the most perfect mascara for my lashes.

I would sue them if they dared to discontinue it.

Using Oil under moisturizer in winter: I always had problems with dry, flaky facial skin during winter time. I tried to go for richer creams but it didn’t work. Last winter I discovered Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn with Ester-C® Rejuvenating Antioxidant Serum which I used under my normal day cream and I had the best skin. It does not have to be that expensive. Almond oil will do the job as well. It is inexpensive and you can get it everywhere. Believe me it is not greasy at all; it magnificently sinks into your skin.

Mineral make up foundation: I’ve never liked the feel of liquid foundation. Often it is too heavy and tends to look unnatural. At the same time my face needs some light coverage. Then I discovered Mineral Make Up and have never used normal foundation again. It is light, you do not feel it at all but it still offers enough coverage which looks incredibly natural. I would always go for natural cosmetics lines that offer mineral make up. I’ve tried Monavé and Geografx. Both brands are really good. It is also very easy to apply if you know some tricks. It is very important to find the right colour and use just a small amount of powder. Using the right brush is essential; a normal powder brush is no good. The best brush is a soft kabuki.

Be careful with dark lipsticks: They look too harsh and make your lips appear smaller. And you always look older. Try the smokey eyes look instead.

Paint your toe nails: a very easy way to feel sexy

Do not colour your hair at home: please invest the extra money to get a professional cut and colouring. I used to do it myself but quickly realized that nothing beats a professional colour treatment at a salon. It is simply different: it looks and feels better and it does not ruin your hair. Do not go blond if you are dark haired and cannot afford a regular professional treatment to fix dark roots. Being blond isn’t simply worth looking tacky and ruining your hair. I’m a brunette and am constantly trying out different shades of brown. You can make a significant difference without making a dramatic change.

Do NOT buy cheap drugstore fragrances: believe me you can smell the cheapness. Ok, Dior does not have real roses in its stuff either. But designer brands use high-quality chemical formulas for their fragrances and they hire some of the best “noses” to create them.