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Made in Berlin- Kaviar Gauche

February 10, 2011

by Charlie











In Germany, January and February are all about bridal fashion and wedding fairs. And since we are in the middle of this time of the year here is my contribution to this topic.

Usually the wedding dress comes at the end of a fashion show. Kaviar Gauche are able to come up with a whole show about wedding gowns.

The Berlin based designers from Kaviar Gauche, Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl, that are well known for their Lamella-bags have expanded their collection by some really gorgeous dresses for THE day in a woman’s life.

Wonderfull empire waist dresses, feather light, flowing silk chiffon creations combined with leather belts, rivets and chains give this collection an edgy style. And despite the fact that this brand is very popular with Germans and even some Hollywood actors their prices are still affordable.

(pictures by Kaviar Gauche)

Bye, bye 2010

December 31, 2010

by Kaede

This was quite a successful year in many different ways and I really enjoy the end of this year right now! Though I am a bit upset because it‘s not snowing anymore….but it seems that I am the only person in germany who enjoyed the weather of the past few weeks. I felt like a child again, when I was building a snowman in my boyfriend‘s garden. That was great! But I am sorry for all people who could not join their family and friends because of the traffic chaos.

Another aspect I love about the weather is also fashion! I have discovered the advantages of functional clothing, especially when they are fashionable. I love my coat by NorthFace, which I have now for three years, I would not want to miss it just for one day. And of course my new DocMartens! I will never ever be cold!

So, hopefully next year is going to be as nice as past year. I will keep on pamper my inner goddess, so you should do as well!


Subway moments-“PICARD” leather goods

November 6, 2010

by Charlie

A dangling „P“ on a bag held by a very handsome and extremely elegantly dressed man I met in the subway the other day inspired me to this post about “PICARD”.

The “P” is the symbol of “PICARD”, a German family-run company that produces leather bags.

The business was founded in 1928 and, so the website tells you, the first sample collection fitted in the front and back carrier of a bike.

Over the years, “PICARD” has expanded their collection by briefcases, luggage and in 2008 by a men’s and women’s business line and a small leather goods line.

Already in 1935 when the Picard brothers started to mass- produce bags their idea was to produce consistently high–quality goods at reasonable prices. And that is exactly what you get till today.

Their products are exceptionally fashionable and come in a big variety of colours and styles. Take a look at their homepage and brush up your wardrobe-with a new “PICARD” item.


The Art of Seduction

October 13, 2010

by Maya

Hello my dear fashion lovers. If you love lingerie but your monthly paycheck does not leave enough room for a regular shopping spree at La Perla you definitely shouldn’t despair since there are enough equally gorgeous alternatives around.

My most recent discovery is the French label Lejaby. They offer a wide range of sophisticated pieces that combine quality with sexiness. They are comfortable, really soft, perfectly fitting and make you feel like the queen of seduction.


In Love with … Unisa!

October 6, 2010

by Maya

Hello my fellow fashionistas. It’s time to devote some blog space to our favorite topic. And you all know that shoes are a special obsession of mine.

If I could award a fashion Oscar for the best shoe brand of the season my vote would definitely go to Unisa. I am simply in love with their shoes. I bought two pairs within 3 months. Unisa is a Spanish brand that was founded in the 1970s and they still produce in Spain.

These shoes are not only stylish but also heavenly comfortable. Never before have I been able to walk on 9 cm heels without looking like a rusty robot. I can effortlessly survive a 10 h working day when wearing these shoes. Unisa uses TPU soles that are light, non-slipping and incredibly easy to walk on. Their pumps with the hidden platform are simply to die for, an insider tip for endless legs. And with Unisa I discovered my love for suede. Compared to leather suede shoes are high-maintenance but they look so classy.

All in all the brand offers fantastic quality and their prices won’t leave you bankrupt. So girls, who needs Louboutins??


Update your closet – pep up your mood: with the new fall collection by Boden

September 10, 2010

by Charlie

My dear goddesses, now that the grey and oh so often cold fall is right around the corner, I think it’s time to renew your wardrobe and cheer up your mood. And what could work better than floral prints, the most elegant dresses and coats, cozy cashmere knitwear and some really fashionable accessories – and all that within reasonable prices?!!  Simply klick on Boden Autumn 2010 and discover their new collection. If I were a millionaire I would invest in almost every second item, but I am not ;-). Therefore I have to decide.  But what will I pick? What will I pick?


Satin and Silk …

July 26, 2010

by Maya

Hello darlings and unhappy Monday! Lately I have been suffering from a terrible case of writer’s block. I couldn’t write a word. Maybe it’s the weather. It was so hot, my brain simply turned to mush. Now it’s raining again so everything is the way it is supposed to be: shitty weather in Germany. Thank God!

Anyway, I found something to cheer me up, and hopefully also some of our female readers: SUMMER SALE at La Perla. My weakness for this Italian Lingerie label has been pretty obvious from my previous posts. And there is nothing like their Sales.
Girls, I really can’t say enough about the importance of pretty/sexy underwear.
What lies beneath can dramatically influence your outfit and make you feel good about yourself, give you a boost of confidence.

So go out and grab some power panties, NOW!