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It’s a plastic bag??!

June 1, 2011

by Charlie

Shopping in the States can be a total different experience in many ways compared for example with Germany.

Shops are often centered in malls where teens spend days and do shopping for a hobby (although I have to admit this habit becomes more and more popular on this site of the ocean,too 😦)

The adresss of welcome is also special.

In the US salesclerk not only greet you with:

  • ·         “Hi, how are you?” (which can be pretty annoying after a while;  imho a simple “hi” or “hello” would be enough) or
  • ·         “Good afternoon, welcome to…” (can you imagine saying this 200 times or more a day???). In some special stores you even hear the very cool
  • ·         “Hi, what’s up” (what is your response to that???)


So, not only the greeting takes getting used to it, it is also the fact that you get tons of plastic bags for free. This way it can happen that you leave a store with five items and ten plastic bags because many supermarkets pack your groceries in double plastic bags.

Sure, in many shops you have the choice between plastic and paper but still, what is the point of giving away plastic bags when you know what damage they cause to our environment?

There are so many alternatives!

Here is my contribution to this topic:

Check out the very informative website and read more about the founder Belinda and Mark David-Tooze and their idea and of course have a look at their fantastic bags.  I like their attitude and love the bags!

I just recently got one of this bags and it goes with me everywhere!

and enjoy!