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Jupiter Jones ~ Still

February 21, 2011

by Maya

Happy Monday to all of you! On my way home from work I heard this song on the radio and was instantly hooked. The band in question is called Jupiter Jones. Normally I am not a fan of German music but this one is somehow special, beautiful and sad.


Happy Birthday myinnergoddess!

February 14, 2011

by Maya

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday to Us! Yes, it has been a year since we started this little project.

I want to thank my fellow goddesses and of course our dear readers who have joined us on our journey! Thank you!!!!!!!!


Made in Berlin- Kaviar Gauche

February 10, 2011

by Charlie











In Germany, January and February are all about bridal fashion and wedding fairs. And since we are in the middle of this time of the year here is my contribution to this topic.

Usually the wedding dress comes at the end of a fashion show. Kaviar Gauche are able to come up with a whole show about wedding gowns.

The Berlin based designers from Kaviar Gauche, Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl, that are well known for their Lamella-bags have expanded their collection by some really gorgeous dresses for THE day in a woman’s life.

Wonderfull empire waist dresses, feather light, flowing silk chiffon creations combined with leather belts, rivets and chains give this collection an edgy style. And despite the fact that this brand is very popular with Germans and even some Hollywood actors their prices are still affordable.

(pictures by Kaviar Gauche)

A Husband’s Despair: The Next 3 Days

February 8, 2011

by Maya

Hi you. Last Sunday I watched “The next 3 days”, the new thriller with Russell Crowe and Elisabeth Banks. Crowe plays John Brennan whose wife is wrongly imprisoned for murder. He develops a completely insane plan to get her out of prison.

This is actually the best thriller I have seen in months. It grabs your attention and makes you perch on the edge of the couch, tense with excitement.

Crowe’s acting is impressive. His portrayal of the irrationally determined husband is believable because he is not a superhero but someone whose desperate situation forces him to resort to desperate means.

Watch it!