Me, and you, and… someone else- “The Other Man”

January 4, 2011

by Charlie:

“They belong together, their whole life. They complement one another, and if one of them disappears, the other one will lose the right to exist.”  This could be a great metaphor for a perfect pair of shoes. But what if you transfer this to a relationship???

“The Other Man” tells a story about a woman who loves two men. But is that really possible?

And, does that make you happy or is it just double cheating???



  1. by Gibson Hummingbird;

    Can you be happy loving two guys??? My answer would be no. I mean yes you can probably date two guys at the same time but only one of them you really love. Of course people change and fall out of love so it’s only fair to be honest and decide what you want. Deep down everybody in that position knows who they want to be with.

    • by Maya

      Yeah, you may be right. In your heart you always know it. But you may know a different thing in your head ….. and “the heart is deceitful above all things”!

      • by Charlie:

        I think you can love two persons at a time, each of them in your own way. You may not have the very same feelings for each of them because it’s very likely that these two persons are different (why would you look twice for something that’s the same? Something that attracts you is what you don’t have “at home”). And you can have different feelings of love for different people, no…???
        The question is, how you deal with it?

  2. by Kaede
    I think Charlie is making a really good point here. The most important question is how you deal with it. Because if you really love someone you don’t want to hurt this person, and you want to keep him or her in your life…but this actually assumes love….and here we come to another discussion: What is love?

    • by Maya
      … and what is love? 😉

      • by Charlie
        Actually I have been thinking about that for the last couple of weeks and I still don’t have an answer to that question… .

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