Subway moments-“PICARD” leather goods

November 6, 2010

by Charlie

A dangling „P“ on a bag held by a very handsome and extremely elegantly dressed man I met in the subway the other day inspired me to this post about “PICARD”.

The “P” is the symbol of “PICARD”, a German family-run company that produces leather bags.

The business was founded in 1928 and, so the website tells you, the first sample collection fitted in the front and back carrier of a bike.

Over the years, “PICARD” has expanded their collection by briefcases, luggage and in 2008 by a men’s and women’s business line and a small leather goods line.

Already in 1935 when the Picard brothers started to mass- produce bags their idea was to produce consistently high–quality goods at reasonable prices. And that is exactly what you get till today.

Their products are exceptionally fashionable and come in a big variety of colours and styles. Take a look at their homepage and brush up your wardrobe-with a new “PICARD” item.



One comment

  1. Same color, same smell that hopefully will generate the same emotional connection people have toward their old mitts and gloves. Luggage and Bags

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