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Germany – the best country in the world

November 20, 2010

by Gibson Hummingbird

I would have never imagined saying something like that but in the past couple of years I tried to find reasons why almost every country was better than Germany however and thanks God, I changed my mind…. I have been travelling to a lot of places lately and believe Germany is by far the best place on earth 😉 Here are just a few reason why I don’t want to live somewhere else…

1 – First of all I love our food…no I don’t mean the German cuisine but our supermarkets and fresh markets….you can get healthy food at a favorable price. Fruits and veggies actually do taste like they are supposed to taste. Every time I am in the US I am looking forward to go back home and get some good food….and speaking of food –  German bread is by far the best bread you can get. I love our bakeries

2 – In Germany you have tons of Street cafes where you can sit outside or inside which are way better than any Starbucks or any other coffeehouse chain.

3 – I really like the fact that stores are closed on Sundays. You do get the feeling of a weekend and you can spend your day with family or friends or just hang out at home without feeling that you could go and do some shopping.

4 – You don’t need a car in order to survive like in the US. Our cities have excellent public transportation and plus you can use your bike as well or just walk 😉

5 – Vacation. Workers get 6 weeks’ or 30 working days’ holiday a year.

6 – Environmental responsibility … I’m not an eco freak but I really like the fact that we do have waste separation

7 –  Safety….living in Germany is pretty safe. I have been to Africa a few times now and yes the country is beautiful and most of the people are really, really nice but I could never imagine living there. Being stuck behind an electric fence and not being able to walk around town on my own would drive me nuts.

8 – Healthcare…Everybody in Germany has a health insurance

9 – Soccer…that’s our sport, especially since the world cup 2006, we have the best team ever 😉

I could go on and on and on with the list  😉 …. Oh there is one point I do have to mention….people in Germany are probably not the smartest in the world but compared to Americans they do have some brain. Each time I’m in the US I go bananas. Yes they do have Harvard, Yale or Georgetown but most of the people there are really “dumb” or at least poorly educated.

I still love travelling and exploring different cultures and as much as I love-hate the Americans they are my favorite country to travel to….I just wanted to say why I love my country ;)….we Germans do not like to appear too patriotic but yes we do love our country 😉



Jim Goldberg’s Open See

November 10, 2010

by Maya

Two weeks ago I visited my dear friend Fuzzlet in Amsterdam and since Fuzzlet is an amazing host I had the coolest time filled with art, culture, cuisine and clubbing.

Among other things we also went to see Jim Goldberg’s Open See exhibition at the Foam_Fotografiemuseum.

Jim Goldberg is an American photographer and writer whose work concentrates on people who live their lives on the margins of society. His latest project “Open See” tells the story of people who have left their native countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East that are ridden by chaos, poverty and despair in search of a better life in Europe. The title Open See refers to the absence of frontiers that stand between the refugees and immigrants and their dream of a new life. One part of the exhibition shows their lives in their native countries and the other focuses on fragments of their new life in Europe. The exhibition is extremely impressive and moving from an artistic and social point of view. Some of the pictures incorporate text passages written by Goldberg’s subjects. I was particularly blown away by his large scale black and white photos.

The exhibition is open from 1 October to 21 November 2010 and I strongly recommend it to everyone who is interested in photography with a social and political background.


Subway moments-“PICARD” leather goods

November 6, 2010

by Charlie

A dangling „P“ on a bag held by a very handsome and extremely elegantly dressed man I met in the subway the other day inspired me to this post about “PICARD”.

The “P” is the symbol of “PICARD”, a German family-run company that produces leather bags.

The business was founded in 1928 and, so the website tells you, the first sample collection fitted in the front and back carrier of a bike.

Over the years, “PICARD” has expanded their collection by briefcases, luggage and in 2008 by a men’s and women’s business line and a small leather goods line.

Already in 1935 when the Picard brothers started to mass- produce bags their idea was to produce consistently high–quality goods at reasonable prices. And that is exactly what you get till today.

Their products are exceptionally fashionable and come in a big variety of colours and styles. Take a look at their homepage and brush up your wardrobe-with a new “PICARD” item.


Remember Africa!

November 2, 2010

by Maya

“46664 was my prison number. For over eighteen years I was imprisoned on Robben Island, known as a number. Millions of people today infected with HIV are just that, a number. They too, are serving a prison sentence, for life. This is why I am allowing my prison number 466/64 to brand this campaign. It is my wish for 46664 to be used in this way.” – Nelson Mandela

Some weeks ago we published a post about jewelry and I remember that we all shared the opinion that jewelry is supposed to have a personal meaning. Recently I came across a very special piece of jewelry through a friend. It does not only have a meaning but also gives you the opportunity to do something meaningful: the Nelson Mandela 46664 bangle.

The 46664 Bangle initiative was launched in 2008 in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. It is part of the 46664 campaign that aims to raise awareness of HIV and Aids and supports programs that are meant to help African people affected by the virus. The design contains Mandela’s Robben Island prison number and an imprint of his hand. The bangle is available in copper, silver, gold and platinum which are South African natural resources. The bangle is handcrafted in South Africa by craftsmen whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS. It can be bought through the official campaign website or through Wempe in Germany