In Love with … Unisa!

October 6, 2010

by Maya

Hello my fellow fashionistas. It’s time to devote some blog space to our favorite topic. And you all know that shoes are a special obsession of mine.

If I could award a fashion Oscar for the best shoe brand of the season my vote would definitely go to Unisa. I am simply in love with their shoes. I bought two pairs within 3 months. Unisa is a Spanish brand that was founded in the 1970s and they still produce in Spain.

These shoes are not only stylish but also heavenly comfortable. Never before have I been able to walk on 9 cm heels without looking like a rusty robot. I can effortlessly survive a 10 h working day when wearing these shoes. Unisa uses TPU soles that are light, non-slipping and incredibly easy to walk on. Their pumps with the hidden platform are simply to die for, an insider tip for endless legs. And with Unisa I discovered my love for suede. Compared to leather suede shoes are high-maintenance but they look so classy.

All in all the brand offers fantastic quality and their prices won’t leave you bankrupt. So girls, who needs Louboutins??




  1. by Charlie:
    I know the comfy feeling of these shoes so well!!! One of my bigger investments in good summer shoes, I think 4 years ago, were some shoes by Unisa and they haven’t disappointed. They are still with me 🙂
    Hey, but you have to admit that you don’t walk around on your 10 hours working day when wearing the 9 cm heels but sit… 😉

    • by Maya: Yes, but you know, sitting when wearing the wrong shoes can get uncomfortable too. 😉

      • by Charlie: Yes,I know. But while sitting, you can easily take uncomfortable shoes off, whereas this is pretty much impossible while walking in them all day long 😉

  2. They look gorgeous..however..they don’t mesh with my ecofabulous intentions 😦

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