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Remember the Classics ~ Gianna Nannini

October 23, 2010

by Maya

Hello you! Oh, today was such a beautiful and sunny autumn day. I had an appointment with my beautician to get my eyebrows done (yes, a girl has to take care of such things) and afterwards I took a very long walk in the park while listening to Gianna Nannini’s Bomboloni Greatest Hits. Of course, everyone born in the 80s and before knows this  charismatic Italian singer/songwriter but I have never consciously listened to her music, until recently. The record is a collection of her best songs and is a good mix of rock and romance.

My favourites are:

Latin Lover: this song made me listen to this record. It is super hot and will always remind me of a very special evening.

Lamento: absolutely powerful



Inspired by…

October 17, 2010

by Charlie

Good morning my dear goddesses,

the other day I ran across some really beautiful pictures which I think would  complement Maya’s lingerie post very well and maybe inspire your inner goddess to more… .

The pictures are taken by Esther Haase, a successful German photographer. Before achieving international acknowledgement in this business she used to be a dancer.

Her photos seem to capture a single moment of a story in a very unique and sexy way. In an interview she once said   “fun has a lot to do with erotic” and ” to dress up a little bit – sometimes helps you to be more authentic“. In my humble opinion that’s exactly what her images  show and tell.


The Art of Seduction

October 13, 2010

by Maya

Hello my dear fashion lovers. If you love lingerie but your monthly paycheck does not leave enough room for a regular shopping spree at La Perla you definitely shouldn’t despair since there are enough equally gorgeous alternatives around.

My most recent discovery is the French label Lejaby. They offer a wide range of sophisticated pieces that combine quality with sexiness. They are comfortable, really soft, perfectly fitting and make you feel like the queen of seduction.


In Love with … Unisa!

October 6, 2010

by Maya

Hello my fellow fashionistas. It’s time to devote some blog space to our favorite topic. And you all know that shoes are a special obsession of mine.

If I could award a fashion Oscar for the best shoe brand of the season my vote would definitely go to Unisa. I am simply in love with their shoes. I bought two pairs within 3 months. Unisa is a Spanish brand that was founded in the 1970s and they still produce in Spain.

These shoes are not only stylish but also heavenly comfortable. Never before have I been able to walk on 9 cm heels without looking like a rusty robot. I can effortlessly survive a 10 h working day when wearing these shoes. Unisa uses TPU soles that are light, non-slipping and incredibly easy to walk on. Their pumps with the hidden platform are simply to die for, an insider tip for endless legs. And with Unisa I discovered my love for suede. Compared to leather suede shoes are high-maintenance but they look so classy.

All in all the brand offers fantastic quality and their prices won’t leave you bankrupt. So girls, who needs Louboutins??