Women To The Tools!

August 3, 2010

by Charlie:

A couple of years ago, when I moved into my first apartment I had to learn how to drill, how to drive nails into a wall, how to connect  light bulbs or how to construct furniture, e.g. beds and cupboards.

One reason for all these lessons was simply a lack of men in my life at that time ;-). And I have to admit sometimes it was hard. Too bad that no one teaches you these practical things at school. And why is it that boys and men just seem to be hard wired to know how to do all this technical stuff? I’ve often wished I could have asked one for help.

But as difficult as this was, in the end it turned out to be very helpful. When I moved into my new apartment some weeks ago I knew exactly what I had to do and how.

There are men in my life now and I could have asked them for help but I didn’t have to. I had a choice and that made me independent which was the crowning achievement.

So my dear goddesses grab a hammer, a drill or a screw driver and start practicing. You can do it! (And keep in mind, if you fail, just start all over again.)

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