Big City Lights: Snow Patrol in Concert

May 25, 2010

by Maya

Hello world! Finally I can write my first concert review for our blog.

Last Friday Charlie and I saw Snow Patrol at the Tempodrom, Berlin. Before I start with my in-depth analysis I want to thank Charlie for a wonderful evening and for coming up with the idea.

I must admit that even though I enjoy this band’s music you cannot call me a fan. And I definitely think that the perception of a concert always depends on one’s personal relationship with the band playing.
Snow Patrol is often compared to Coldplay and I can understand where people are coming from by making this connection. I have a very ambivalent relationship with Coldplay. I saw them live in 2002 and it was an amazing show. But I’ve always had a problem with Chris Martin’s voice. I really tried to like it but I couldn’t. The other thing is that I am not a fan of “slow” / “romantic” bands playing huge venues. I get bored very quickly because I have the feeling that quiet, romantic songs drown in arenas. And I remember feeling that way after Coldplay’s gig. So before the show on Friday I was rather anxious that I would experience the same with Snow Patrol. But it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The Tempodrom is definitely not the mega arena I expected it to be. Snow Patrol has far more energetic and upbeat songs that can really rock on stage. And fortunately Gary Lightbody’s voice is very different from Chris Martin’s.

Berlin was the first concert of their tour so the boys were still fresh and motivated. Despite some initial problems with the equipment, they put on a great show. They tried to interact with the audience and played for nearly two hours. And I loved their light show.

In my opinion there is only a bunch of bands or solo artists who possess the kind of force and charisma that is necessary to create an amazing atmosphere on stage which can totally captivate the audience and make magic happen. Personally, seeing Snow Patrol live was not an experience that flooded my body with endorphins and transferred me into a blissful state of ecstasy making me grin like an idiot for three days. In all those years there were only two bands whose live gigs did this to me: Garbage and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. But I am not the most unbiased here since I totally adored both these bands and generally prefer the more “aggressive” and edgy bands on stage.

But it was definitely an evening to remember and I want to thank the boys for playing my favourite song: “Crack the Shutters”.

Here is a rather decent recording from Friday’s show:



  1. by Charlie:
    well, you are very welcome! Thanks for joining me! It’s been a while since we two visited a concert… 😉 Hopefully there’ll be more to come?!!

  2. by Gibson Hummingbird:
    That seemed to be an awesome concert. Have to see these guys too. Mhhh, I do have to use a veto though…Coldplay are great and Chris Martin has one of the most talented voices. The boys know how to rock their concerts. The best thing about this band is that they are still down to earth and really appreciate their fans.

    • by Maya:
      😉 Actually this is one of the few Coldplay songs that I really like. It’s their slower songs that I have a problem with. Recently I tried to listen to the Scientist and had to skip the song after 30 seconds. His voice is so whiny in slower songs. And I am not a fan of soft male singing voices in general. I always need some edge in a male voice. In theory I know that they are a good band and I enjoyed the one concert in 2002 but if I had the choose between Coldplay and Snow Patrol it would be the latter.

      • by Charlie:
        you’ve got to be kidding! Snow Patrol over Coldplay?????? I always though you were a fan of them?!? And Chris’ voice is not whiny! Rober Smith, e.g., that is the epitome of a whiny voice…

      • by Maya:
        As I said: theory and practice. I wanted to like them but came to the conclusion that his voice is not for me.
        I just went and listened to the Cure on youtube. His voice is not whiny but dark and there is still enough accentuation in it. And I listened to “Yellow”. Nope, does not work for me. It’s too “thin”. I am not saying that Snow Patrol is the next big thing. They are still too “soft” for my tastes. But if I had to choose …
        Here an example: I have a CD with Coldplay and Kings of Leon on it. I have listened to the Kings of Leon part hundreds of times, literally. But I haven’t listened to Coldplay once. This is telling …
        But I have to quote you here: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 😉

    • by Charlie:
      Luckily there is music out there for every taste 😉

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