Ford’s Genius: A Single Man

May 15, 2010

by Maya

Yesterday I finally watched “A Single Man”.
I had 3 major reasons for wanting to watch this movie:
1. My dear friend Fuzzlet recommended it to me.
2. I simply adore Colin Firth. He is my perfect Mr. Darcy.
3. It is directed by Tom Ford.

When I first heard that he was the director I was totally stunned. It is not particularly unusual for celebrities to try to prove themselves outside their usual craft. We had actors trying to sing or fashion models trying to act. (Remembering Claudia Schiffer’s or Cindy Crawford’s attempts at acting is just too painful.) And of course there are singers who want to be actors or designers … or various other combinations. Often some of these sidelines result in embarrassing disasters. (I so wish Jennifer Lopez would decide to dedicate her FULL attention to her husband and family and stop harassing the world with her overall untalentedness.) But a designer-turned-director is a novelty. And of course Tom Ford is not just any designer; he is a fashion genius. I was madly in love with his work for Gucci and YSL.

Gucci was a dying brand when Ford took over the role of creative director in 1994. He resurrected the traditional Italian fashion house and turned it into a multi-billion dollar machine that was able to sell anything just by printing the brand’s famous logo on it.

Sexy is not even the right word to describe his creations. They were overtly erotic, made for the modern, ultra confident and highly sexual woman.

Ford’s adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel is exactly the kind of movie I would expect from him.
Adjectives such as heartbreaking, polished, elegant, minimalist but layered, provoking and extremely emotional come to my mind. Instead of concentrating on action Ford works with imagery and atmosphere. The sleek 1960s give the film the right background.
And Colin Firth with his silent melancholy is simply perfect for his role. He is one of the few actors who have this incredible talent to convey a myriad of emotions entirely without words. It’s all in his face.

This is not a movie for everyone. But if you are also sick and tired of the current mindless 3-D overkill I can definitely recommend it to you.



  1. Such an elegant film! Colin Firth’s performance was outstanding, and nearly brought me to tears. Glad you liked it!

    • by Maya:
      yes, Colin Firth is grand. After actually watching the movie I am really disappointed that he did not receive the Oscar for his performance.
      He is such a wonderful actor. I also liked him in Dorian Gray although I wasn’t impressed by the movie per se.

  2. hmm well that’s odd. I wasn’t even aware of the release of this film, I don’t think it actually has been released in cinemas here in the Neths. Which usually signifies the kiss of death for a film.

    • by Maya

      I wanted to see it because it’s Oscar Wilde and I really liked the trailer. But the movie failed to impress, at all. The male lead was just bland. I didn’t read the book so I’m really curious whether the film is true to the novel.

  3. READ THE BOOK. It’s very eerie. I love Wilde’s Short stories as well. And all the plays ofcourse, so drôle! ^_^

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