body and soul…

May 4, 2010

by Kaede

So ladies, it‘s summertime soon! Reminds me of my New Year‘s resolution…..doing more  sports! Guess, this is not your favorite topic, but if we are talking about divine beauty, we also have to talk about a healthy body!

There was something very useful about school: you had to do sports regularly. At the beginning of my studies I did nothing but learning and working, sitting and sitting. I really regret that now. Once you stop paying attention to your body, it is very hard to restart that. So I had quite a hard time getting used to sports again. First I tried „Tae- Bo“. It was nice, and very hard the first few times. I liked the combination of fitness and martial arts. Unfortunately I had to stop it because I had too much work to do. Later I tried other fitness courses until I finally signed up for the gym. Right now I am trying something new! My boyfriend has been doing Aikido for several years now, and he has always told me how useful it is for your body and mind. I sometimes watched him doing Aikido and did not understand this „sport“ at all. Then I tried myself and learned how difficult and challenging it is. I had my first lessons now and I think I like it. It requires concentration- which is surprisingly exhausting- frankness and patience. I am convinced that Aikido can support your health!

I try to explain what Aikido is to me. I want to leave it at that because I am not a pro, there are a lot of things that I do not understand yet and others I do not know yet. So first I think it is important to know is that Aikido is different from other martial arts. If you want action or want to learn how to defend yourself on the street you might be disappointed. If you want to exhaust your body and relieve stress you should go to the gym. Aikido happens first in your mind. I think it can even be an attitude towards life if you are devoted to it. If I had to describe Aikido in three words they would be: peace, balance and flow.

I can recommend doing sports at the University. It is cheap, even for non- students, there are many different things to do and you get to know a lot of people.



  1. by Charlie:
    “Once you stop paying attention to your body, it is very hard to restart that.”
    And imagine, at one point there is this thing called “force of gravity” that kicks in all of a sudden 😉

    • by Maya:
      Yeah, Force of Gravity. This sucks BIG TIME!

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