A Movie Review: “Chloe”

May 3, 2010

by Maya

Last week I really wanted to watch a well-made thriller and Chloe, the new movie with Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson, had been released in Germany the week before. The reviews that I read or listened to on the radio sounded quite promising so I decided to give it a try.

In fact the movie succeeds in building up tension and suspense. Whereas Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson deliver a convincing performance it was Amanda Seyfried who really stunned me. It was the first time I saw her in a movie and I have to admit that I had not taken her seriously before. I thought of her as another Hollywood blond doomed to make romantic comedies until the age of 40. But she definitely pulls off the mysterious, seductive Chloe and her Lolita sexiness. All in all, the movie possesses the necessary basics to make it good. Besides I really loved the aesthetics of the film, its colours and style.

But at some point something goes wrong and all the effort goes in vain. The movie culminates in a banal and illogical ending. It simply forgets to tie all the loose plot strands together. I really wish the ending was more twisted, logical and thrilling. Again I come to the conclusion that a weak screenplay can ruin a movie with a solid basic idea, great director and convincing actors. Did they forget to pay the writer for the second half of the script so she decided to take revenge by delivering this incoherent mess? The steamy love scene between Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore is definitely something to look at but unfortunately it does not save the film. What a shame!



  1. by Kaede
    I find this kind of movies very disturbing, wouldn’t want to watch it in the cinema.

    • by Maya: why? I like a good thriller. If it is logical. This one was not.

  2. by Gibson Hummingbird
    Just watched the movie and I sort of have to agree with you. the movie starts out very good but the ending is just too awkward…

    • by Maya: Yeah, the ending is totally weird, too simple. They could have done more out of it.

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