The French in Me

April 18, 2010

by Maya

I have always thought that when it came to innate and natural sense of style and fashion French women were on the absolute forefront, way ahead of the rest of us. And I am not even talking about super models wearing Chanel but just about the average girl on the streets of Paris. (OK, Paris is not France.) There is something elegant, utterly feminine and natural about French girls. And most of all, they do not try too hard, they simply are. And come on, how could they not be? All the beautiful things come from France. While Germans are known for their cars, the French are known for their fashion and perfumery.

I visited Paris with my boyfriend in 2007 and we went to see Versailles. We were queuing for the main palace and there was a girl who was a guide with a group of tourists. She was in her early twenties, blond and really pretty. I was impressed by her clean, simple but very sophisticated style. She wore a dark brown fitted leather jacket, skinny cropped black pants and black wedged sandals. She looked elegant, laid back and so very French.

Last week I happened to make some purchases that remind me of this girl and her Frenchness. I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for ages. I wanted something in black, fitted and simple; no extra zippers, pockets, belts or collars. I finally found my dream version at Marc O’Polo’s young line Campus. The leather is soft, the cut is perfect and the quality is the best, as with everything Marc O’Polo. It is cropped and perfectly fitted.


Gladiator sandals were another must have item on my shopping list this spring. I ordered several pairs at my favourite online shop and among them were these wedged Belmondo sandals. I chose them on a whim and was quite sure that I would end up sending them back but they are a definite keeper because they look really slim and elegant. They do not have the chunkiness that is so typical for wedges and they are heavenly comfortable which is a rare thing for normal high heels. Belmondo is one of my favourite shoe brands. I own several pairs of their shoes and can highly recommend this brand. Their creations are stylish, really good quality and still affordable.

So I guess now I have to find the perfect cropped pants in order to radiate some Frenchness myself! 😉


One comment

  1. by Charlie:
    I know exactly what you mean with: “they do not try too hard, they simply are”. For me, Marion Cotillard is the epitome of (French) style, grace and elegance.

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