Uncovering Beauty II

April 13, 2010

by Kaede

So here we are talking about women‘s second favorite topic: Beauty! Everyone of us is at least a little vain and wants to be pretty…me too. I am definitely no beauty expert, but I have one rule that I would truly recommend to many women out there:

Keep it simple! If you don‘t know how to use make- up, stop it! Make- up makes you look prettier only if you use it right! I often see girls experimenting with colors and eyeliners, well, I did too, when I was young, that‘s Ok. But grown- up women should know what suits their skin color and what they can handle.

Here is a little secret: Most men don‘t like make- up! You may laugh now, but apparently there are women out there not knowing this. Men like make- up when they don‘t know it‘s make- up!

Since I am no morning person, I don‘t have the time and patience to do a long procedure every day. So after clarifying and creaming I just put some loose and transparent powder on, for my eyes I use a brown mascara and for a fresh look I put some Rouge on…but not too much! I don‘t have a very beautiful skin, but I have to live with that, because tons of foundation won‘t change that!

The most precious beauty-tip I can think of is: Smile! There are so many beautiful girls out there who know how to use make- up, who have a great style, but who have not realized that looking bored and annoyed does not make them sexy.

I see so many people everyday, but at the end of the day I remember those people who smiled at me. An honest smile is much more beautiful then any perfectly made make- up! It is the best distraction from little flaws because it shows your inner beauty!

I once straightened my hair very often, because I thought this is the only way to control them. I have wavy hair, something between curly and straight, a fact that really frustrated me, because it is so hard to handle: sometimes you cannot wear them down because the weather will turn it in everything but beautiful, and sometimes you cannot wear it in a ponytail because there is a strand of hair that just wants to stick out! But I learned that forcing my hair to be different does not work! So now I try to make the best of it. If I have enough time I don‘t blow-dry my hair, I get really nice and soft curls then, if it‘s necessary I straighten the front strands. I also use a creamy oil that you do not need to wash out, it makes them smooth and soft.

So all in all, I would recommend to stick to your natural beauty! Don‘t try to hide behind a mask of make-up, because by night you need to take it off!



  1. by Maya:
    I actually love your laid-back writing style!

    • by Kaede
      Thank you a lot. Nice to here it from you, since you read so much good stuff!

      • by Maya: You are welcome! What stuff??

  2. Well, one of my male friends once told me I should wear my glasses my often because it “adds something to my face, to make it stand out” because he said without make-up (I wear rather neutral tones during the day) my face was bland. Needless to say I nearly exploded when he said that.

    So some men do like make-up apparently.

    Lesson learned: just feel good about the way you look and don’t care about what others might think of it.

    • by Maya:

      One of the lessons that I definitely learned was not to really care about a man’s opinion. They change their mind. And it is so liberating just to listen to oneself and one’s instincts, and dress for oneself and not for a guy.
      By the way, I do not think that men do not like make up in general. It’s the excess of it that they do not like. But most men like well groomed women and a modest make up is part of being well groomed.

      • by Kaede
        That’s what I said! They like well- groomed women, not painted clowns. But as you said: Listen to yourself and feel comfortable with that!

  3. by Charlie:
    I hear you, Kaede 😉 I can totaly relate to the curly/not curly/not sure what kind of hair today- hair problem. I tried sooooooooooo many things in the past to tame my curls but haven’t found a real solution yet 😦
    What kind of oil is it, you mentioned???

    • by Kaede
      It’s an almond oil by “Guhl”. My hairdresser recommended me “kerastase lait vital”, but it is too exspensive for me.

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