Movie Week II

April 7, 2010

by Kaede

I am kind of addicted to movies and I have to admit that I love Hollywood. There are  some great independent movies, and I love them as well, but I have to be in the right mood for the sophisticated stuff.

I have watched so many films in the past five years that I find it very hard to remember all the films I have seen before. But I tried my best, so here are ten of a million movies I have probably seen. The order is randomized and I guess that there are some movies I love more but cannot remember right now, so well, I don‘t want to make commitments here.

Pirates of the Caribbean_This is one of the most entertaining movies I have seen so far. Johnny Depp as a poncy pirate is hilarious.

Up_I think I haven‘t ever cried so much. This movie is breathtakingly sad. It has a wonderful message to adult people. If you believe in love and friendship, you should watch that movie.

Sin city_This movie is a piece of art. I love the look, it is some kind of sexy, sometimes in a morbid way.

The Abyss_This is one of a few movies I still remember instantly. I haven‘t seen it for more than ten years now, but I remember that somehow I was totally hooked.

The Fifth Element_Relating to movies I am not the typical girl. I love action movies, I love Science-Fiction and good fights…and I love Mila Jovovich.

Bad Boys_There is no movie with Will Smith that I don‘t like! I think he is charming. And I love the combination of action and comedy.

Edward Scissorhands_This is my all time favorite! I saw that movie when I was about ten years old and I fell in love with Johnny Depp. I guess I am addicted to tragic heroes.

Moulin Rouge!_Ok, this one is really girlish, but which girl can stand Ewan McGregor‘s charm or the beautiful dresses, or the wonderful music! Me not!

Hitch_Will Smith, Eva Mendes and Kevin James are a great trio! I love the sequence when  Hitch is trying to teach Albert how to dance!

The Cider House Rules_I didn‘t read the book, but I think the movie is made beautifully. The story is extraordinary touching.



  1. by Maya:
    How did I know that Edward Scissorhands would be on your list. 😉 This movie crept me out!

  2. by Maya: I loved the Cider House Rules. So sad! Thanx for reminding!

  3. by Charlie:
    I thought about this movie, but for some reason didn’t add it to my list. Don’t know why??? I love it! This film has a certain vibe. I can’t explain. You just feel it, when you watch it…

    • by Kaede:
      You are absolutely right! I didn’t know how to explain why I chose this movie to be in the list. I just like it! There are no words for that.

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