A Tropical Enjoyment

March 31, 2010

by Kaede

This weekend me and my friend did a spontaneous getaway to the tropics. To the Tropical Islands! This is a holiday resort near Berlin, it includes the world‘s biggest indoor rainforest, several swimming pools, beach, water slides and most important a great spa and sauna area. All this is arranged in a huge old airship hangar, the biggest self-supported hall in the world.

For people like me this is a great opportunity to do a short and low priced holiday trip. But it is not for everyone! People who don‘t like water slides and cannot stand a good hot sauna either should stay home. This is no place for sissies or grouches! So if anybody of you is going to visit Berlin but the beastly weather just annoys you, you can take the train to the Tropical islands and enjoy 28° C there!



  1. by Maya: So why is it not for grouches??

  2. by Charlie:
    just the hangar itself is worth a visit. This looks huuuuuge!

  3. by Kaede
    It is not for grouches, ’cause it’s not perfect…you see, it is quite full at the weekends, and you have to walk a lot because it is so huge. I met people who have been there and didn’t like it at all. The restaurants are expensive, but I think the quality is improving right now.

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