Retro Week V: Sheffield Sex City

March 28, 2010

by Maya introducing guest author Fuzzlet

Although GH already closed our Retro Week I just wanted to add another post which is simply perfect for this topic since it is about my personal musical past.

In 2003 / 2004 I was studying as an exchange student at the University of Sheffield. This was one of the happiest and most relaxed times in my life. I met some of the greatest people who are still among my best friends. And it was a time that considerably shaped my musical preferences. My super gorgeous Dutch Sheffield flat mate Fuzzlet was actually the first of us all to appreciate the diversity of Sheffield’s music and club scene. She has a terrific taste music, so there is no other person who is more qualified to relive our glorious Sheffield days. Here are some of her thoughts:

For someone used to the Dutch countryside Sheffield was a revelation music wise. Indie is huge in the UK and the music scene has always been quite good in Sheffield (home of Moloko and Pulp, who honoured the city with a very own song “Sheffield Sex City”.) However this was Sheffield pre-Arctic Monkeys. This was 2004.

Every Thursday all the Indie kids would flock to the legendary Fuzz Club at the Students Union of Sheffield University to dance to the likes of the Smiths, Franz Ferdinand and Electric Six. I use the past tense here because Fuzz Club ran from 1999-2009. It smelled like deep fried burgers if you would stand to close to the snack corner, but it tasted like Cider & Black or Screwdrivers and people would come up to you and say: I love your hair!

Fuzz Club would usually start with a showcase from a band (the NME-club tour has graced its stage as did Chicks on Speed and many many more) and turn into a club night later in the evening.

Sheffield has many venues from very small and hard to find (Club Fez) to large stadiums (Sheffield Arena). Whenever a proper band would come to town, there would usually be an after party in a tiny club/pub and usually the band would come round as well. I remember grinning insanely at a member of Black Member Motorcycle Club and getting the autograph of the lead singer of Belle and Sebastian.

I don’t recall spending a lot of time at uni, but I do remember all the wicked nights at random gigs!

Here are some of the songs of bands seen in Sheffield or music played at Fuzz Club in 2003/04:


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