Imagine it’s possible…

March 12, 2010

by Charlie

Each and every year when the grey and rainy November is just around the corner I have something to look forward to. The new calendars for the upcoming year. And I mean the huge ones. The calendars that are almost illustrated books.

The one I chose for 2010 does not only decorate my wall with beautiful pictures but also introduced me to a fascinating artist: Quint Buchholz. He was born in 1957 and studied history of art and painting in Munich.

Today he is a well known illustrator of children’s books and book cover designs. But he also writes his own books which were published in more than twenty languages. His work was awarded with several national and international prices.

About his work Quint Buchholz says: painting is like trying to tell a story which beginning and ending is not seen in the picture. To him it’s important to indicate something, just tell a small part of the story. “What’s before and after, is up to the mind of the beholder. “

And that’s exactly what I find so fascinating about his pictures. They are clear, sometimes surreal and really make you think about what you see and what might have happened to the people or the object that are pictured.  They fire your imagination. His paintings tell a lot but don’t reveal everything. In a way he reminds me of Edward Hopper, (one of the most famous American realist painters. But this might be a topic for another post ;-)).

Check out the very beautifully designed website. You get more information about the artist and some really interesting links.



  1. by Maya: so beautiful! Especially the last one!

    • by Charlie
      I know! beautiful! It simply lets your mind wander…
      By chance I got this picture as a postcard a couple of months ago. What a coincidence, he?

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