Top ten special: Favorite books part III

March 3, 2010

by Kaede

You will recognize that I am a fan of fantasy books. I am no freak, I just love to loose myself in a different world. I am always open for new books, so if anybody knows something that would match this list, please tell me.

  1. Shibumi- Trevanian. Though it is no fantasy book, it is probably the best book I have read yet. The main character is a professional killer named Nikolei Hel. This extraordinary novel is about friendship, love, spirit, sex, action, adventures and much more. It is a very interesting and inspiring book that had a lot impact on my attitude to life.
  2. The Lord of the Rings- J.R.R. Tolkien. Actually I do not like people comparing each and every new fantasy novel with “lord of the rings“. It is an amazing book, an unbelievably detailed world with genuine characters, but hey, give others a chance.
  3. Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling. I started reading the books three years ago. Before that I was wondering why people were so crazy about that „Harry Potter“. After that I knew. When I have finished reading the seven sequels ( in a very short time…:-))I was a bit frustrated, because I could not find any other novel that was as catching as these books. I read some different fantasy novels, but none of them satisfied me, until I found:

4. The Name of the Wind- Patrick Rothfuss. I can hardly wait until the next sequel is released. The story has some resemblance to HP, but it is more grown-up, and of course it happens in a completely different world.

5. Tales of the Otori- Lian Hearn. What a wonderfully pictured novel! I love the old traditional asian world with its myths and spirituality. The author created a breathtaking love- story about two equally strong characters within a sophisticated and thrilling plot.

6. His dark Materials- Philip Pullman. I was very disappointed by the movie “the Golden Compass“. This book is full of great ideas, it is intricate and clever, and it‘s not a children‘s book! The movie was made for children just because the main character is a young girl, but the story is very dark and sometimes very oppressive.

7. The Pillars of the Earth- Ken Follett. I read this book after HP. It is one of a few non- fantastic novels I read. As you might have noticed I am addicted to long stories. And this one is epical!

8. Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher- Walter Moers. This book is an homage to literature itself. There are a lot links to history of literature hidden in an innovative and lovely designed world. If you are going to read this book, give it a chance! The first eighty pages do not reflect the rest of the book at all!

9. Hexenfeuer- Isolde Heyne. This book was probably the beginning of my affection for epic and fictitious stories. I read it when I was twelve and it totally fascinated me.

I do not want to close this list. Not yet. There are a lot more books I already read and even more I am going to read, I want to give them a chance to be on this list too.



  1. by Maya: I am really intrigued by your first book. “sex, love, spirit” sounds great! Do you think I would like it?

    • by Kaede
      Well, as you can imagine, it has a lot to do with sptirituality, but in a challenging way! The first twenty to fifty pages are hard to get through, but then you will experience a very diversified plot. I think you should try it, but I warn you: Don’t expect a lovestory!!! This is not what it is about.

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