Top Ten Special: Sexiest Songs Part IV

February 26, 2010

by Gibson Hummingbird

If you haven’t noticed, MUSIC IS MY LIFE. I could so easily live without TV, fancy clothes or my cell phone… but never could I give up on music.  There’s so much music out there that can mean everything. It has so many ways of expressions and moods- to Maya, Charlie and Kaede…but somehow I cannot associate music  with being sexy… sorry it just doesn’t sound correct J so here are just a few songs that I dearly love …btw it was really difficult to pick 10 songs as the list of my  favorite songs is never-ending.

Joy Division “love will tear us apart” Ian Curtis “”All my lyrics are open to interpretation by the individual and imply many different meanings, therefore their relevance is purely subjective.”- this says everything.

One Republic  “say all I need” Great song, awesome lyrics. … lots of people want everything… but it’s the simple things that matter in life…love one republic for writing such a beautiful song.

Band of Horses “ no one’s  gonna love you “ For an American band these guys are really refreshing with decent, good laid back indie music

The Killers “when you were young” Brandon Flowers is a genius, the killers are brilliant. They are one of the best bands ever!!!… what I like the most is that you can see that these guys are really passionate about their music. They  might not fit into a convenient theory of a rock band. Their songs really make you think about stuff and a lot of their songs are just dead on!

The clash “should I stay or should I go” I have to admit that I am not a fan of punk music at all however the clash rule. “Should I stay or Should I go”, and “London Calling” are one of their best songs.

Bat for Lashes “Pearl`s Dream” Natasha Khan is incredibly talented and Pearl’s Dream is one of her best songs. Love her voice.

Arctic Monkeys “Cornerstone” Truly a great band – Turner has a great and unique voice…The monkeys are one of England’s hottest export even though their concert in Düsseldorf in Feb `10 sucked.

Kings of Leon “sex on fire” Love their sound Nashville totally rocks

Radiohead “house of cards” Wonderful melody + wonderful lyrics = great song

Foundations built me up buttercup A really funny and cheery song  that always brings me in a good mood.



  1. Maya: Totally adore the Band of Horses song. So beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Gibson Hummingbird: You’re welcome 😉

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