Top Ten special: Sexiest Songs Part II

February 23, 2010

by Kaede

There are a lot more songs that should be on this list, but I cannot remember all of them, there are way too many.

I love to talk about music and how it affects people. I wish music could join me every day, the whole day, like a soundtrack of my life. These songs might be on the track- list.

Wicked game- Chris Isaak. One of my favorite songs ever. So emotional, so hot. Especially the video- clip. Who would not like to play around on the beach with Helena Christensen…

Join me- HIM. I was a teenager when this song was released, and it was probably one of the first songs that made me change my taste in music from „sweet and innocent“ to „dark and sexy“.

1# crush- Garbage. Great song, Great band, great movie. (Romeo + Juliet)

Supermassive black hole- Muse. Listening to that song makes me feel strong, confident and full of energy. I love the power of music!

My humps- Black eyed peas. I know, some would say: what a cheap song! But did you try not to dance to it and not to feel sexy!?!

Showbiz- Muse. I almost love every song this band performs, because everything they do is extremely intense and well timed.

Skinny love- Bon Iver. A man crying out his pain. That is quite sexy.

Creep- Radiohead. Another very desperate song. This voice speaks directly to my heart.

Shelter- The XX. A very interesting new band. The way she sings sounds like she is whispering naughty words into someone‘s ear.

You look so fine- garbage. I tried not to list something already mentioned, but this song is overwhelming.


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