Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials Part IV

February 18, 2010

by Kaede

Actually, I am still looking for my personal style, so I’m trying many different things. There are days I am very girlish, others I am kind of rock’ n ‘roll, and sometimes I am just comfy. I don‘t want to overrate clothing, I‘m just trying to have fun. So have fun browsing.

1.Variety of scarves and shawls. A nice scarf isn‘t just useful to keep your neck warm, it also upgrades every outfit. A simple cardigan combined with a silk scarf looks elegant and classy for example. I really love colourful and big scarves, you can wear them with simple plain shirts and still you look stylish.


2. Black blazer. You need to have a well fitting blazer in your closet. A blazer is an all- rounder. I wear blazer with jeans or skirts, then it looks more casual. A blazer comes in very handy when you need something serious looking for an interview for example.

3. Printed shirts. I love them! I always find some great shirts, and you never have enough of them!

4. Basics. Sounds kind of simple, but I learned that you need to have basics to wear „specials“. And that‘s absolutely right! It‘s much more easy to combine a simple shirt with a funky skirt than to match two loud pieces. There are just a few girls out there who have this talent, most don‘t have it!

5. Leather boots. These boots are made for walking……

6. Leather bag. I absolutely don‘t like fake leather bags…I‘m sorry… To my mind it‘s better to possess one beautiful leather bag than to buy many cheap ones again and again.

7. Blue jeans. Simple but sexy!

8. Black tights. Well, actually I don‘t possess that many skirts or dresses, but if I‘m  in the mood for wearing a skirt in a cold season, then I need to have some tights in the closet, especially black and opaque ones. I really can‘t stand girls wearing fleshings in winter, it‘s like wearing white pants in winter. There are just a few classy women who can wear fleshings and still look great in it.

9. Special jewellery. I rarely wear jewellery, but I have a necklace that I wear all the time. It is actually no jewellery, it is a symbol, so I think it‘s nice to wear something that means something to you. Some kind of a treasure that you always keep next to you.

Last but not least: High heels. Once I wore them every day, now I don‘t. But I still have some beautiful high heels in the closet and I keep them for special events. It‘s just something different wearing high heels. You feel different. You move differently. To my mind it is not necessary to wear them everyday, because you can look sexy in low shoes as well.


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