Top 10 Special: Wardrobe Essentials part II

February 16, 2010

by Gibson Hummingbird

…… Come on!! A girl cannot live with just 10 items in her closet. How deadly dull this would be?! ……………

Oh, I could definitely survive with only 10 items in my closet 😉 Come on someone has to stand up for the non girly girls out there too…

1. Hoodies: Hoodies are cozy, comfortable, simple and classic at the same time. I can definitely recommend spending a lazy day wearing a sweatshirt. If you dress up smart enough a hoodie paired with skinny jeans can look very cool.

2. Sweat Pants: How are people even comfortable in leaving the house in sweat pants… that’s what a lot of people think but just imagine being dressed up all day. Then you come home and find your sweats calling for you. Let’s just say some people can get away with it and look cool. Some, not so much.

3. TShirts Who doesn’t own a basic set of t-shirts. This is a must have. You can wear them with anything. With a nice jeans, a pair of shorts or a skirt – please try to keep it simple. No flower power (I do love the 70s though), and most of all no ed hardy shirts!!! You can get some the best t-shirts from Camdem Market in London.

4. Birkenstok/ Flip The best shoes for the summer: flip flops and Birkenstock sandals…love them and would never give them away. If I could I would wear them all year-round.

5. Jeans:   A pair of blue jeans which is fitting quite good can look so damn cool. Imagine a pair of perfect fitting jeans, a t-shirt or a hoodie, just prfect.

6. Sunglasses:  Ray Ban has the best sunglasses out there….so get yourself your ray ban.

7. Chucks: cute, stylish and comfy boots. There is nothing to add.

8. Leather jacket: a leather jacket never gets out of style..therefore it’s a must have item. However  would never get a real leather jacket.

9. Dress: ok, I admit it, every girl should have one nice dress in her closet…as already mentioned keep it simple.

10. Vintage: second hand clothes are unique. If you get a vintage item most of the times you are the only one who owns something like that…I really can’t stand gap, abercrombie&fitch, banana republic … come on, those clothes are very boring.

Last but not least I do have to say that I am probably the only one who loves wearing a uniform at work. Come on, how convenient is that??? I never have to say “I have nothing to wear” 🙂



  1. Maya: Oh, this will be so much fun! The girly girls vs. the tomboy girls!

  2. Hmmmm…, women in uniform. I never gave much thought to that. But now I’ll pay more attention 😉

  3. As I said they can be very handy …

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