Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010

by Maya

Today is Valentine’s Day and it is also the day of our first post. Happy Valentine’s everyone!

I hope you girls received some lovely surprises from your husbands, boyfriends or life partners. And if you didn’t, do not dwell upon it. Please remember that Valentine’s is just another instrument of the capitalism to milk the hard earned cash out of the poor men in your life. Having said that, my inner goddess is enormously pleased that the poor man in my life remembered the date and took me out for dinner. Oh, happy me!

Speaking of gifts, what would be my perfect Valentine’s gift? You mean besides a weekend trip to Paris including a stay in a 5 star luxury hotel and an evening at the opera in a Chanel gown? (Yes, I know I’m impossible!) Since I have a weak spot for lingerie, this gorgeous nightie from La Perla is a good enough alternative.

And who would complain about the whopping 353 € price tag?  This is definitely an investment piece for the mutual benefit of both parties. It will spice up your love life for years to come. Hopefully! And believe me, a girl can never have enough lacy goodies in her closet. They make her shine!

So, what are your favourite Valentine’s gifts? Tell me, don’t be coy!

Shop at: http://www.laperla.com


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