Wunderbar: Melody Gardot

July 30, 2011

by Charlie

Hello my dear fellows,

happy weekend everyone.

Just recently I discovered this wonderful vocal jazz singer.



Tapas, cheese and wine – Spanish flair in Berlin

July 13, 2011

by Charlie

The chances that you end up in the busy and bustling Bergmannstreet while visiting Berlin are pretty high. For a break from all the walking and shopping take a stoll around two corners to the picturesque Chamissoplatz and have a break at COLIBRI, a little Spanish tapas restaurant. Enjoy the silence and the view at all the old buildings with their blooming balconies. Pamper your palate with a glass of wine and e.g. the red rice with spinach and feta.  ¡buen provecho!


It’s a plastic bag??!

June 1, 2011

by Charlie

Shopping in the States can be a total different experience in many ways compared for example with Germany.

Shops are often centered in malls where teens spend days and do shopping for a hobby (although I have to admit this habit becomes more and more popular on this site of the ocean,too 😦)

The adresss of welcome is also special.

In the US salesclerk not only greet you with:

  • ·         “Hi, how are you?” (which can be pretty annoying after a while;  imho a simple “hi” or “hello” would be enough) or
  • ·         “Good afternoon, welcome to…” (can you imagine saying this 200 times or more a day???). In some special stores you even hear the very cool
  • ·         “Hi, what’s up” (what is your response to that???)


So, not only the greeting takes getting used to it, it is also the fact that you get tons of plastic bags for free. This way it can happen that you leave a store with five items and ten plastic bags because many supermarkets pack your groceries in double plastic bags.

Sure, in many shops you have the choice between plastic and paper but still, what is the point of giving away plastic bags when you know what damage they cause to our environment?


There are so many alternatives!

Here is my contribution to this topic:


Check out the very informative website and read more about the founder Belinda and Mark David-Tooze and their idea and of course have a look at their fantastic bags.  I like their attitude and love the bags!


I just recently got one of this bags and it goes with me everywhere!


and enjoy!


Conquering Down Under

May 19, 2011

by Maya

Hello everyone! Yes, I’m back! I know it has been a long break but real life was taking over. So many things have happened and the most important of them was: Australia.  Kaede and I embarked on epic 3-week road trip in Down Under. It was a dream come true. For me Australia is the land of adventure and the wild and I always wanted to experience it. But in the end it was a rather spontaneous idea with just two months of planning and preparations. Here are my personal highlights:

– Kangaroo Island: loved Seal Bay and Remarkable Rocks.

– Hiking in the Grampians National Park: who would have thought that climbing the Hollow Mountain in pouring rain would be so much fun?

–  The Great Ocean Road: 12 Apostles at sunset and sunrise.

– Staying at the Eco Beach YHA in Apollo Bay. Definitely the best hostel in Australia, combines eco and style.

Seal kayaking in Apollo Bay. Ocean kayaking is cool enough but if you have the opportunity to watch hundreds of Australian fur seals swimming just a few meters away from your boat then it becomes an unforgettable experience.

– Seeing wild parrots and cockatoos. They are everywhere.

– Seeing a koala in the wild. So close, I could have touched him. They are to die for cute.

– Uluru and Kata Tjuta: yes, they are mindblowingly impressive.

– The night sky over the Red Centre: you can see the Milky Way, it’s breathtaking.

– Sydney: such a cool and laidback city. Many Australians we met do not like Sydney but we actually loved it. My personal favourite: the Paddington markets on a Saturday morning.

– The Blue Mountains: amazing views.

– Sand boarding on Moreton Island: that was soooooooo cool.

– Walking through a rainforest on Fraser Island.


When we are gone ~ Hereafter

March 13, 2011

by Maya

I recently watched “Hereafter” the new drama directed by Clint Eastwood starring Matt Damon and the French actress Cécile De France. Eastwood weaves real life events with fictional characters to create a quiet, sad and touching movie.



Jupiter Jones ~ Still

February 21, 2011

by Maya

Happy Monday to all of you! On my way home from work I heard this song on the radio and was instantly hooked. The band in question is called Jupiter Jones. Normally I am not a fan of German music but this one is somehow special, beautiful and sad.


Happy Birthday myinnergoddess!

February 14, 2011

by Maya

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday to Us! Yes, it has been a year since we started this little project.

I want to thank my fellow goddesses and of course our dear readers who have joined us on our journey! Thank you!!!!!!!!